Organization chart

The organizational chart of Kapodistriaki Development S.A. drafted by the Board of Directors with its decision of 06/02/2023 and approved by the decision of the General Assembly of 10/05/2023.

The structure of the Services of the Development Organization is as follows:

Α. Directorate of Development and Financial Management

Administrative-Finance Department

Department of Tourism-Cultural Development

Department of Environment, Sustainable Development and Innovation

Β. Technical Services Directorate

Department of Technical Projects, Studies and Support for Municipalities and Regions

C. Independent Offices

Secretarial support

Communication and Promotion

Quality Management Manager

Security technician

Legal Advisor

D. Special structures and project teams

The creation of structures and project teams within the Departments, which are staffed by employees of the Development Organization, results from the necessity of coordination and management of actions - actions undertaken by the Development Organization and concerning a specific thematic object. The structures and project teams are made up of executives from all Departments depending on the subject matter and are administratively subordinate to the respective Department, after a proposal by the Director and a relevant decision of the Board of Directors, and the time of employment is determined after a relevant decision of the Director.

Where required by the provisions of co-financed projects and the corresponding Ministerial Decisions, Circulars, Implementation Guides, etc., the staff, their duties, the percentage and time of their employment, are determined by what is defined therein.

As part of their responsibilities, all employees of Kapodistriaki Development S.A. must carry out the work assigned to them diligently and conscientiously, under the instructions and directions of their supervisors, in accordance with the current legislation, the company's statutes and the Internal Regulation of Operation of Kapodistriaki Development SA.